Work platform

Together we can create the perfect workstation. With your area of expertise and our experience of work platform. That create value for all coworkers.


No matter if the need of transportation is about a package, electronics, an apple or a car we have a conveyor that can do the job. From small to big weights, short to long distances, straight or curved. Maybe you need the transportation to transcend floors, we can make it happen!

Construction after your conditions

The most common first contact with our customers begins with - "Hi, so I have this problem..."

We see ourselves as problemsolvers with a full cover of functionality.

Green Metall offers the following

  • Contracted manufacturing - we manufacture and process what You need within steel, stainless, acid resistant or aluminum.

  • Assembly - we perform assembly processes, big or small in all sizes of series.

  • Package & Logistics - we wrap, package and deliver products tailored to the customers needs.


Do you need help with a construction? A CAD generated design or support in bigger projects, we have over 50 years of collected experience in solving problems.

We supply

  • Construction - no matter if you have a formulated design, a sketch or prototype we can help you through the full process of testing the ideas.

  • CAD - from idea  to complete design, stress testing or modelling.

  • Project management - we have experience of leading both big and small projects with differentiating complexity. We have experience in both waterfall- and agile methods.

  • Productdevelopment - we help our customers with both new development and continous development to attain highly effective and safe products. Processdevelopment is a daily activity at Green Metall.

With 50 years of experience within workshop- and productionindustry, combined with loyal and attentive coworkers we are ready to be your supplier and partner.

Green Metall is active within three businessmodels: Manufacturing, Productionequipment, and Construction which enables cost efficient and flexible solutions. Our commitment of delivery often includes complete solutions of the whole development life cycle. From analysis and design, to construction, manufacturing, assembly and logistics.

Convenient and safe for you as customer.


A sore back or shoulder is often connected to the workspace or environment not being ergonomically customized and thus an increased risk of wear and tear on coworkers is prominent. Such ergonomical issues can be due to heavy lifts, wrong height adjustments or work overload.

Here on our right is a couple of documents to help detect and manage potential risks.

The documents linked are in swedish, translations are underway.